Our Technology

A Buck or Two Plus prides itself on providing its franchisees world class information systems. We have a full time staff, dedicated to building and delivering leading edge systems and software to meet the ever changing challenges we face in the retail market.

The “BUCK SYSTEM” is the catch phrase we use to encompass the full suite of hardware, software, internet and communication systems we employ.  This includes a full Sales Module, Purchasing and Receiving module, Wireless ordering system, Electronic EDI to vendor system, Vendor out of stock system. All these systems run at store level and are updated daily from the head H.O. We have an expert   team of Merchants who source the best products from the top vendors in Canada.

Our “Online” system is a comprehensive intranet system comprising Forums, Library, Video, and a complete reporting system. These reports pull data from both the Buck system and our POS system. Our e-mail system allows our home office, stores and vendors to communicate seamlessly.

Our POS system is directly integrated into or purchasing system and is updated with the latest products and vendors. A complete reporting package of POS data is available online.

Hand Held Ordering
Point Of Sale

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